Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in becoming more involved in Washington Evaluators?   Learn about our committee structure and available volunteer opportunities below then let us know how you'd like to participate!

Local Arrangement Working Group (AEA Conference Planning) 

The LAWG assists AEA management with the coordination of conference outreach and logistics. LAWG volunteers are charged with mobilizing local expertise and resources to enhance the annual conference and facilitate communication with local evaluators about the event. The LAWG executes a range of activities through volunteers that server on various committees (e.g. local orientation, tours and 'Ask me about DC' table; communications / aea365; international subcommittee; diversity subcommittee; university subcommittee). 

New Professional and Student Task Force 

To help fulfill one of the priorities of WE in 2017, this temporary task force will consider strategies for enhancing member services for new professionals and students.  The Task Force will making findings and recommendations to the Board on (1) services or activities WE could provide to meet the interests and needs of new professionals and students; (2)  how WE could more effectively incorporate the existing University Ambassadors program to meet these interests and needs; and (3) other areas and issues as determined by the Chair in consultation with the President.  Volunteers are needed for all aspects of the task force's research and development of recommendations. This Task Force will sunset on Dec. 31, 2017.

Scholarship Task Force

In 2017, this Task Force will develop a proposal for Board approval that establishes a new WE Scholarship to be offered in advance of the 2017 American Evaluation Conference in Washington, DC.  Volunteers are needed to help outline the criteria for the award, develop the award process, and, subject to approval by the Board, run the competitive selection.  This Task Force will sunset on Dec. 31, 2017.

Program Committee

WE's Program Committee plans activities that encourage member interaction, networking, and professional development.  Committee members are responsible for identifying and negotiating appropriate locations for meetings and events, and work to facilitate cooperative programmatic activities with partner organizations and individuals.  Volunteers specifically help plan brownbag events, networking events, and other program opportunities.   

Membership Committee

WE's Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new members, maintaining the membership database and directory, and coordinating activities to retain existing members.  Current committee members are responsible for reaching out to new members and developing activities that highlight member expertise, such as the member spotlight.   

Communications Committee

WE's Communications Committee maintains communications with and among members.  The committee is responsible for WE publications, email distributions for members, and engagement on social media. We are looking for new members interested in live-tweeting and photographing WE events.

Click here to let us know if you're interested in volunteering, and we'll have a committee chair contact you.

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